Hornet AF-23


A stable wing aircraft, modeled after the Super Lightning.


The Hornet features the same airfoil and the same stable wing configuration as the AF-17 Super Lightning. A well built example will weigh no more than 9 grams without the motor. You can then shave the prop to get your Hornet to the minimum allowed of 8 grams.

Kit comes complete with pre-cut and color-coded sticks. The ribs are laser-cut. Plenty of Japanese competition tissue is included. The Hornet comes complete with 1 competition propeller.

We recommend that you use our KI-9 propeller with the CF-M1 motor pack with this aircraft in order to extract maximum flight times from the design.

Our prototypes flew in excess of two minutes using the standard propeller right out of the box. This plane is very easy to build and fly with no tools required. We recommend you use Slo-Zap and Zip-Kicker to build the frame.

Top quality US made motor shaft and propeller sleeve

  • Wing Span: 39.5cm
  • Chord Length: 9.8cm
  • Average Weight: 9 grams without the motor.
  • Stabilzer chord length: 5.7 cm

The Hornet is also available in the CF-3 Advanced Competition Techniques Kit.

Grades: 6-12
Assembly time: 3-4 hours

Recommended Accessories:

  • Mechanical Winder: Makes it easier to wind, and lets you crank in at least double the amount of winds you could crank in by hand.
  • Rubber Lube: Allows more winds per length of rubber motor.

Check out our brand new, SuperLight landing gear. Developed especially for TSA competitors.