Introduction to Competition Flying CF-1



An introductory kit designed especially for the novice student/instructor competing in the TSA competition. Kit contains: Three aircraft (Lightning, Daredevil and Olympia II), one 5:1 winder, 50’ of competition rubber string and a 24 page competition manual with over 70 pictures.

How do I build a plane for competition? Which motor do I use? What do I do if my aircraft hits the ceiling? Where do I position the wings? How do I wind my plane? What…

This kit contains everything the novice needs in order to get to one minute plus flights All the basic competition building and flying tricks are explained in detail. In addition, the manual features sections on how to lighten your aircraft. It furthermore explains in depth how to wind and which motor to choose and much more.

The student builds and fly three planes. It starts with the Lightning, a beginner plane and next is the Daredevil, an intermediate aircraft that will be modified for competition already. After that the builder will assemble the Olympia II, a basic competition aircraft that will be heavily modified in order to reach flights of one minute and more. Students will learn how to correctly use the 5:1 winder to wind their aircraft to capacity. 100ft x 0.93″ of indoor competition rubber string is included as in the beginning students will break many motors trying to get the feel to wind their planes to capacity.

Everything you need to learn to build and fly competitively is included in the kit minus the glue. A super value. The manual is not available separately. All questions that you may have about basic competition flying /building are answered in this manual.

Rubber string lengths subject to change.

Grades: 4-12
A $78.00 dollar value!