Red Tail Ace AF51-20


Red Tail Ace AF51-20



This product would be a great hands-on addition for your next STEM program.

The Red Tail Ace is sporting the markings of the famous WW2 fighter squadron staffed entirely by African-American Pilots flying the P-51 Mustangs. They were also known as “Red Tails”.

The Red Tail Ace features the same build-up and flying characteristics as the Lightning, and is furnished with sturdy, full color pre-printed covering material. Great as an introduction to an aviation history research project.

AeroRacers aircraft kits have been built and flown successfully by hundreds of thousands of students in the US school districts since 1992. The Red Tail Ace  is a fully developed, proven kit that leaves nothing to chance. A true beginner’s kit, the Red Tail Ace  is ready to reinforce the passion of flight in kids and young adults. The Red Tail Ace  flies extremely well and is easy to build.

The Red Tail Ace kit features:

  • For ages 10 and up
  • Easy to build and fly
  • All parts pre-cut
  • Color-coded assembly
  • Pre-Printed Covering material (as shown on package)
  • No tools or knife needed for assembly
  • Super sturdy design
  • High performance airfoil
  • Fully illustrated instructions
  • 13.3” wingspan, 13” length, approximately 15 grams flying weight

Recommended Accessories:

  • Mechanical Winder: Will allow you to wind your aircraft much faster and more accurately.
  • Rubber Lube: Allows more winds per length of rubber motor.
  • Slo-Zap: Drastically reduces build time.
  • Zip Kicker: Instantly drys Slo-Zap super glue.
  • Grades:4-12
  • Assembly time: 3-4 hours using only white glue (This time can be drastically reduced by using super glue to assemble the frames.)