Yankee Ace AF-2


Wing covering designed after WWI aircraft flown by American volunteers.


This product would be a great hands-on addition for your next STEM program.

Description: The Yankee ace is a free-flight, rubber band powered airplane kit. The wing covering on the Yankee Ace is made after markings flown by the famous Escadrille Lafayette, staffed by American volunteer flyers during World War 1.

Yankee Ace aircraft kits have been built and flown successfully by tens of thousands of students in the US school districts since 1992. The Yankee Ace is a fully developed, proven kit that leaves nothing to chance. A true beginners kit, the Yankee Ace is ready to reinforce the passion of flight in kids and young adults. The Yankee Ace flies extremely well and is easy to build.

 Aircraft Kit Details:

  • For ages 10 and up
  • Easy to build and fly
  • All parts pre-cut
  • Color-coded assembly
  • Pre-Printed Covering material (as shown on package)
  • No tools or knife needed for assembly
  • Super sturdy design
  • High performance airfoil
  • Fully illustrated instructions


  • Wing span: 14″
  • Length” 12″
  • Wing Chord: 3.5 in
  • Stab Chord: 2 in

Recommended Accessories:

  • Mechanical Winder: Makes it easier to wind, and lets you crank in at least double the amount of winds you could crank in by hand.
  • Rubber Lube: Allows more winds per length of rubber motor.