Yellow Peril AF-92 50 Pack


Yellow Peril AF-92 50 Pack



This product would be a great hands-on addition for your next STEM program.

Yellow Peril is a sport replica of the famous race number 92 Formula 1 class Reno racer. A superb, rugged flyer with very stable flying characteristics. This aircraft requires no tools and/or knife for assembly. All sticks are pre-cut and color coded for easy assembly. The durable and easy to fly Yellow Peril makes it a perfect choice for the beginner.

If you are looking for your first aerospace hands-on build and fly project for your classroom the Yellow Peril is for you. No matter the age of your students, this is the perfect first aircraft. We recommend the students to be at least fourth grade and up. Like the real Yellow Peril, your race number 92 is also equipped with a fixed landing gear.

  • Top quality US made motor shaft and propeller sleeve
  • Easy to build and fly
  • All parts pre-cut
  • Dihedral supports for easy wing assembly are provided
  • Laser cut ribs
  • Color coded assembly
  • Pre-printed covering tissue
  • Wing span: 14″ Length” 12″

An absolute must for every competitor is a mechanical winder ( order #351), rubber lube (order #352), and spare rubber motors. For general indoor or outdoor flying, use .125” rubber motor. If you are flying at mile high altitude or greater, use .187” for best outdoor performance.

Grades: 4-12
Assembly time: 3-4 hours using only white glue (This time can be drastically reduced by using super glue to assemble the frames.)