Super Vee AF-19


Excellent competition plane for smaller rooms!


This aircraft is able to fly a long time on 1 gram of rubber string. The aircraft can be built very light and with the motor should be in the 8-9 gram range. The prototypes were capable of flights in excess of 2 minutes. This plane is not designed for the novice, but will be a very effective competitor in the hands of students who have completed our CF-2 kit beforehand.

We strongly recommend that you purchase our CF-M1 competition motor kit along with the Super Vee, as you will need to be able to choose the correct motor for your aircraft. This is especially important in the TSA competition as you will need to be able to use the longest rubber string possible with the least diameter that your plane flies on.

The Super Vee will also be a good competitor, especially for competitions held in smaller rooms. With 2 grams of motor it will be easy to fly the plane at the minimum weight allowed, and with its excellent flight stability it will make many podiums.

The Super Vee comes complete with all wood parts pre-cut and color-coded. Laser-cut ribs are included. The kit also features 1 propeller, landing gear, fully illustrated instructions and plans.

  • Wingspan: 17 inches
  • Overall Length: 15 inches
  • Weight with motor and wheels: 8-11 grams
  • Top quality US made motor shaft and propeller sleeve
  • Wing chord length:4.375 inches
  • Stabilizer chord length: 3.25 inches

Grades: 6-12
Assembly time: 3-4 hours

Recommended Accessories:

  • Mechanical Winder: Makes it easier to wind, and lets you crank in at least double the amount of winds you could crank in by hand.
  • Rubber Lube: Allows more winds per length of rubber motor.

Check out our brand new, SuperLight landing gear. Developed especially for TSA competitors.