PondRacer EL1-50 pack


PondRacer EL1-50 packĀ 


A fun project which introduces buoyancy, action/reaction, torque, efficiency and hydrodynamics. The 12″+ PondRacer runs in any swimming pool or pond on rubber band power. Maximum speed is about 2 feet per second. When fully wound, the PondRacer will run for over three minutes! The PondRacer can be assembled without tools or glue in just a few minutes. Students can individualize their racers with permanent markers and no waterproofing is necessary. Using sandpaper, students also have the option of customizing the aerodynamic shape of the hull and pontoons.

The PondRacer kit contains a balsa wood hull, laser-cut plastic fin, pusher propeller assembly, pontoons, dowel and rubber motor. Classroom instructions provided with each class pack.

Grades: 4-12
Assembly time: 1 hour