Flying Circus Pack MIX-36 pack


Flying Circus Pack MIX-36 pack



The Flying Circus Pack is the perfect choice for a hands-on, brains-on aviation activity which includes history. This pack consists of a total of 36 aircraft kits. There are 12 Yankee Ace, 12 Red Knight, and 12 Royal Defender covering tissues included. This will allow your students to build the aircraft of their choice.

These aircraft feature the same build-up and flying characteristics as the Lightning, but are furnished with sturdy, full color pre-printed covering material. Great as an introduction to an aviation history research project.

The Yankee Ace covering material is inspired by the famed 94th Squadron staffed by American aviators during WW1.

The Red Knight portrays the legendary Flying Circus’ markings that were used by the German Ace, Manfred von Richthofen also known as the Red Baron.

The Royal Defender sports the markings of Captain Brown who was credited with shooting down the Red Baron.

  • Top quality US made motor shaft and propeller sleeve
  • Easy to build and fly
  • All parts pre-cut
  • Laser cut ribs
  • Dihedral supports for easy wing assembly are provided
  • Color coded assembly
  • Pre-printed covering tissue
  • Wing span: 14″ Length” 12″

An absolute must for every competitor is a mechanical winder ( order #351), rubber lube (order #352), and spare rubber motors. For general indoor or outdoor flying, use .125” rubber motor. If you are flying at mile high altitude or greater, use .187” for best outdoor performance.

Grades: 4-12
Assembly time: 3-4 hours using only white glue (This time can be drastically reduced by using super glue to assemble the frames.)