SuperLight Wheels and Landing Gear


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If you are looking for some superlight, low drag landing gear, look no further. You will be able to build two complete landing gears from this kit. One will clear a 6″ prop to the ground easily, the larger wheels will clear a 7″ prop to the ground. This kit is especially made for competition aircraft that have to be equipped with a landing gear. The second picture shows the landing gear with the larger wheels during the easy assembly.

This package contains:

  • 2 x .75″ dia wheels (weight of both wheels around .1 grs)
  • 2x 1.50 dia wheels (weight of both wheels around .6 grs)
  • 2x landing gear wire
  • 1x 3″ balsa dowel

    You will need a hobby knife/scissors to cut the balsa dowel and super glue to assemble the wheel hubs. You should have a pair of needle nose pliers to bend up the ends of the landing gear. No drilling necessary. Assembly instructions are provided.