Great White Shark (PD-Shark)


Our new PropDiver(R)  Great White Shark can dive, swim on the surface and is a hoot to play with. Swim along, or dive after it. Our Great White Shark is rubber band powered and runs for minutes at a time on the surface or under water. Display stand not included.


Our new PropDiver(R) rubber band powered Great White Shark is an aquatic toy that can dive for minutes at a time, swim on the surface in any pool or pond. Wind your Great White Shark over and over again at no cost. It can go straight, left and right. Display stand not included.

You will receive all the laser-cut wood parts necessary to build your “Great White Shark” as well as a contest rubber loop motor along with a high performance pusher propeller assembly and all small parts. “Great White Shark” assembles in minutes as it simply snaps together. No glue, tools nor waterproofing are needed. All parts are laser-cut for accuracy and the body lines are etched into the sides to help you with the decoration. Use permanent markers along with your imagination to decorate your  Great White Shark.

Up to 18 pennies are needed as ballast for the dive. Pennies are not included.

PropDiver(R)  Great White Shark overall length: 11 inches or 28 cm

Patent Pending.  For replacement rubber string, please order our .187″ wide rubber string.

PropDiver is a registered trademark of AeroRacers Inc.

Made in USA