About us

AeroRacers, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Luc “AeroDoc” B., a leading expert in designing hands-on, brains-on educational materials. He is an educator and aeronautical engineer with over 25 years experience in designing innovative, safe and exciting products for classroom applications, at K through University levels. All AeroRacers products are designed, tested and manufactured in the USA.

If you need help deciding which AeroRacers product is right for your classroom, or if you have questions during building or use of our products, just call “AeroDoc” directly!


Top reasons to buy AeroRacers products:

  • Innovative Hands-On, Brains-on STEM products for schools and individuals.
  • High quality, fun and educational products designed specifically for safe classroom use
  • Talk to “AeroDoc” personally every time
  • AeroRacers products feature pre-cut parts and color coded assembly with no knife required
  • Answers to questions regarding selection and use of AeroRacers products is just a phone call away

I am your Wingman!
Luc “AeroDoc” B.

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