Shooting Star 50 Pack


Shooting Star (Star-1-50)



The Shooting Star is the NEW balancing guy in town! A great summer, after-school or end of year project.

The Shooting Star balances on the edge of furniture, railings and runs on virtually any sloped string. Race them side by side on two strings! Students learn about center of gravity of an object.

The Shooting Star can be individualized with felt tip pens or crayons. All the major parts of the Shooting Star can be colored by the students as they use their own imagination.

In addition, instructors/companies can print their name/logo onto the Shooting Star by simply running the cardboard stock through a printer/copier.

The Shooting Star kit contains: Wood center wheel, wood weights, sticks and axle. Laser-cut wood frame, plastic axle holders and card stock Shooting Star print. Assembly instructions are provided with tips. All wood and plastic parts are pre-cut to size.

Students need to cut out the Shooting Star shape with scissors. Material is card stock and is very easy to cut. Cuts are straight to make it easy for first timers to succeed.

Only scissors and tape are required for assembly.

Shooting Star dimensions assembled:

Overall height: approximately 15 inches

Overall width: approximately 15 inches

Multi packs are packaged in bulk. One set of instructions is provided.

Grades K-4