Mistral Glider AF-6 (20 Pack)


Mistral Glider (20-Pack)



The Mistral is a high performance glider. It is launched with the help of the Bronze high start. The Mistral can reach altitudes of over 150 feet with the launch system that is included in each multi pack. The aircraft features the patented Fun-Saver crash protection system which prevents major damage during flight testing.

All the parts are pre-cut to size. No knife is required during the build-up. Fully illustrated instructions and plans facilitate the three to four hour assembly time. The detailed front of the fuselage makes for a terrific looking aircraft. The Mistral features a laser cut fuselage and ribs, no tools build-up, rudder control and crash protection system.

The Bronze high start includes” rubber string, kite string, ring, streamer and operating instructions.

The Mistral Glider is the perfect step-up from the Daredevil or Lightning!

If you are looking for your first competitive glider hands-on build and fly project for your classroom, the Mistral is for you. We recommend the students to be at least sixth grade or higher and also recommend that your students have prior building and flight experience.

  • Easy to build and fly
  • All parts pre-cut
  • Laser cut fuselage and wing ribs
  • Can be launched to altitudes over 150 feet with the bronze high start
  • Wing span: 17.6″ Length” 17″
  • A Bronze high start is included in every multi pack.Recommended accessory is the Bronze high start.
    Grades: 6-12
    Assembly time: 3-4 hours using only white glue (This time can be drastically reduced by using super glue to assemble the frames.)