Tripple FunShuttle(TM) Pack


Includes the following:

– 1 FS-10 FunShuttle

– 1 FS-17 FunShuttle

– 1  Imagination FunShuttle 

– 3 Spare Motors



Funshuttles (TM) are a blast, students loves these flying wings! They ascend vertically like a rocket and glide like a bird after they run out of power. Utilizing simple crayons or felt tip markers, let them use their imagination to decorate the Funshuttle. They can turn it into a butterfly, a spaceship, a ghost or any design they can think of. The special wing paper is translucent and the multi colored FunShuttles look great even from below. With the decorating complete, the wings can be cut out with scissors. A few pieces of tape are required to assemble the Funshuttle. The wooden parts are pre-cut and the assembly takes only a few minutes. Mass launches are lots of fun. Have everyone launch at the same time and see whose goes the highest!

The tripple FunShuttle kit consists of all parts Made In USA: Propeller assembly, motor stick, wing spar, plastic sleeve, rubber string and special FunShuttle Wing paper. One sheet of construction and flight instructions are provided in each bulk pack.

New, second generation FunShuttles. These FunShuttles fly higher and longer. The FunShuttles can be assembled and flown by Kindergarten students, yet they are interesting enough to challenge high schoolers as well.

Virtually indestructible, the FunShuttles can be flown in any wind condition. They are a blast, easy to make, very safe, and affordable.

Safe, Easy and Fun! These FunShutles assemble in minutes and no special skills are necessary.

These second generation FunShuttles also feature the construction/fold lines printed on the back of the wing skins so it is easy for the builder to see those lines after he/she has colored his/her FunShuttle wing.


  • Wingspan: 6 inches
  • Overall Length: 10.5 inchesFunShuttles are a patented design of AeroRacers Inc, USA.