Vintage Fueler Dragster (VF-1) Gen 2


Participate in the Great American Dragster Derby with your rubber band powered T-REX Vintage Front Engine rubber powered dragster. Your T-REX can run a distance of 50 feet in under three seconds. It runs on any surface with it’s high performance tires. Are you ready to race?


Gen 2 GADD dragsters feature a vastly improved rear wheel/axle mount. The wheels are super easy to mount and adjust. The racer can now be wound from both sides.

Our T-REX is a rubber band powered 1:15 sport scale of a vintage front engine dragster. The laser cut wood parts feature inter-locking construction. The “T-REX” sports details like blower pulleys and belt as well as a distributor/magneto with 8 holes. The cylinder heads feature holes as well and adding scale details such as plug wires (wire not included) is a breeze.

Our T-REX makes for a fantastic display car, yet it is a fierce competitor as well.

T-Rex shown with optional “Raptor” spoke wheels which are available separately.
The kit contains:

All the wood parts necessary to build the racer and the winding tool, pre-cut cockpit glass, 1 set of front wheels with O-rings, rear foam tires and rim parts, drive shaft with pinion assembly (10 teeth) a crown gear (30 teeth), all small parts, nuts and bolts, axles, competition rubber string, ballast washers. Detailed building and racing instructions will be emailed to you.

The multi pack features one set of building/racing instructions.
The plug wires shown in some of the pics are optional and are not included in the kit.
Our T-REX is shown decorated with permanent markers.

You can improve the performance of your T-REX by applying Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). You can vary the following on your T-REX:

Power: Adjust power through wider and/or more rubber string loops.

Gear Ratio: Choose from different pinion and/or crown gears to improve acceleration and/or top speed.

Wheel weight: You can change the wheel weight for more traction by adding weight to your rims.

Overall racer weight: Adjust ballast for optimal traction/ stability of your car.

Aerodynamics: You can sand your racer for better aerodynamics.

Overall Length: 15 inches or 38 cm

Curriculum: Spotlight on Teamwork, Careers & STEM (Available as a free download with each multipack purchase.)

We recommend that up to 5 students share one of our GADD racers and work as a team.

A team consists of:
• Crew chief
• Mechanic
• Driver
• Artist
• Public relations agent

Other students in the class act as race officials.

This is a real life scenario where students experience first hand what it is like to work together as a team towards the common goal of winning a race.

For ages 12 to 99.

Assembly instructions will be emailed after ordering.