Orbiter Rocket Planez Mix 50 Pack


Rocket Planez are a blast, students loves these flying wings! They ascend vertically like a rocket and glide like a bird after they run out of power.


This pack includes 25 Orbiter Rocket Planez and 25 Stealth Rocket Planez Rocket Planez kits. Rocket Planez are revolutionary rubber band flying wings that ascend vertically like a rocket and then glide like a bird. Both kids and adults are amazed at the flight performance of these flying wings. Rocket Planez can be assembled in minutes. Rocket Planez can be flown outdoors in almost any wind conditions and are virtually indestructible.

Rocket Planez flying wing kits have been built and flown successfully by hundreds of thousands of students in the US school districts and after school programs since 1999. Rocket Planez are a fully developed, proven kit that leaves nothing to chance.

Rocket Planez can be assembled and flown by Kindergarten students, yet they are interesting enough to challenge high schoolers as well.

Rocket Planez are the latest in flight technology. The Orbiter is a flying wing sporting space shuttle graphics. They can fly to altitudes of over 200 feet and even higher when wound with a mechanical winder.

These tractor propeller powered wings ascend vertically like a rocket. Then, just like the real space shuttle, the Orbiter gracefully glides back to the ground after having reached maximum altitude. These flyers feature drag plates for pitch and turn adjustment in the glide mode.

Virtually indestructible, the FunShuttles can be flown in any wind condition. They are a blast, easy to make, very safe, and affordable. Imagine the excitement of your students during a mass launch!

Safe, Easy and Fun! These Rocket Planez assemble in minutes and no special skills are necessary.

Regular scissors can be used to cut out the wing skins, and only tape is needed for assembly. All parts are manufactured in the USA.

Rocket Planez also feature the construction/fold lines printed on the back of the wing skins so it is easy for the builder to see.

Ready to fly wingspan: approx. 6.5 inches
Ready to fly overall length: approx. 10.5 inches

Grades: 1-12
Assembly time: 30 minutes