Mega Sidewinder PR-SW1


Sidewinders are streamlined three-wheelers about 19″ in length. They are the fastest of the single engined PropRacers. Average speeds up to 25 m.p.h. have been recorded. The Sidewinders are built-up from sheets of balsawood, keeping them extremely light and aerodynamic.




The Sidewinders are perfect for 8th grade and up. Students can decorate their Sidewinders with magic markers or paint can also be used to color the racers. A drill press and hobby knife or band saw are recommended for the build-up.

Students design their own Sidewinders. In a few easy steps, students lay out their racer design with given basic parameters such as wood size, wheels, propeller diameter and so on. They first sketch their design, then draw the side view and finally cut out the designed shapes and build up their racers. The provided instructions guide the students through the entire design process.

Grades: 8-12
Assembly time: 5 hours (tools required)

Pack contains: Balsa wood sheets, sticks, wheels, axles, tubing, L-hooks, 6.5″ pusher propeller assembly, and rubber motors.

This product would be a great hands-on addition for your next STEM program.